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About Us

our team of experts make money move!

ACLS Global Limited was created on the principle of bringing together a team of experts from the Retail & Institutional Forex World. Headed by the World renowned Forex Analyst Marshall Gittler and other analysts from around the globe, this combination alone boasts 6 decades of successful analysis and trading in currencies!

ACLS Global Limited strives to level the playing field for traders by providing Forex Signals that not only bring short term positive outcomes but which are charged in an innovative and progressive system that leaves the bulk of PIPs profit that result in the traders account.

We charge a very competitive fixed monthly fee for our signals. For info and pricing please see our signal types.

ACLS Global Limited provides the trader with a Mobile Application that is flexible in its use and which provides signals for up to 21 Currency Pairs currently. Additionally, Daily Fundamental & Technical Analysis is provided by our experts as well as Forex Education courses.

Our application enables our traders to utilize trading tools, market intelligence and algorithms that were only previously only available to financial institutions.

ACLS Global Limited has put together a First Class Package that takes into consideration all the interests of the traders that employ it – enjoy, profit and MAKE MONEY MOVE!


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